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Specialising in Surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow and Knee

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Andrew is an experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in surgery of the shoulder, elbow and knee.

Born in Melbourne, Andrew grew up on the Mornington Peninsula before attaining his medical degree at the University of Melbourne in 1988.

Andrew completed his orthopaedic training locally rotating through Royal Melbourne, Dandenong, Western, St Vincents, Hobart, Royal Children’s, Austin and Monash Hospitals.

After being awarded Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Andrew was awarded a fellowship in Melbourne with Simon Bell in shoulder and elbow, knee, sports and joint replacement surgery. Then Andrew went on to gain further experience in fellowships in these areas in Virginia, USA; Wrightington, UK; Innsbruch, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, he completed a fellowship in Ilizarov surgery in Lecco, Italy, and also had the opportunity to visit Schultess Clinic in Zurich, Kerlan Jobe Clinic, and Steven Snyder both in Los Angeles.

During this period and since, Andrew has completed extensive research work published and presented nationally and internationally.

After returning to Australia after 21 months overseas, Andrew has had a public appointment at Frankston Hospital. He represented Peninsula Health on the Victorian Tasmania Regional Training Committee for the Australian Orthopaedic Association for 7 years, 2 years as secretary, and 2 years as Chairman of this committee, which is responsible for the training of Orthopaedic Surgeons in these two States. As such, he represented Victoria and Tasmania on the Federal Training Committee. Andrew has been the Secretary for the Victorian Shoulder and Elbow Society since 2024.


Sydney – Hobart Yacht Race, 7 times.
Melbourne – Hobart Yacht Race, once.
Now sailing at Mornington Yacht Club, and involved in the Training and Development Committee.


MBBS (Melb), 1988

Diploma of Anatomy, 1991

FRACS (Orth) – Fellow Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, 1997

FAOrthA – Fellow Australian Orthopaedic Association, 2001


School: Peninsula Grammar, Mt Eliza
Medical School: University of Melbourne
Teaching and Residency Hospital: Royal Melbourne Hospital
Orthopaedic Training: Victorian (Australia) training program


Upper Limb and Knee Surgery particularly arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery


Mr. Simon Bell, Melbourne, Australia
Shoulder, elbow and knee – sports and joint replacement surgery

Dr. Richard Worland, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Shoulder and knee replacement, and sports surgery

Prof. John Stanley, Wrightington, England
Wrist, hand, elbow and shoulder surgery

AO fellowship, Innsbruck, Austria
Trauma, knee and shoulder reconstruction

Ilizarov fellowship, Lecco, Italy
Ilizarov surgery, limb reconstruction


2000-2007 The Bays Hospital, Mornington – Medical Advisory Committee and Operating Room sub-committee
2003-Present Beleura Private Hospital, Mornington – Patient Care and Safety Committee
2005-2011 Victorian/Tasmanian Regional Training Committee for AOA/RACS
2008-2009 Secretary
2010-2011 Chairman
2007 AOA National Rep. for RACS SET working party
2008-2009 above committee renamed the RACS Surgical Science and Clinical Examination Committee
2014-2016 AOA Representative to RACS Censor In Chief’s Review Committee


  • Australian Orthopaedic Association
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  • Australian Medical Association
  • Australian Society of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia
  • International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine


    • Instability – arthroscopic and open including bone graft type procedures
    • Rotator cuff disease – decompression, rotator cuff repair, both arthroscopic and open plus management of the biceps
    • Degenerative and inflammatory arthritis – arthroscopic debridement plus joint replacement
    • Managing the AC joint and clavicle


Arthroscopic surgery.

    • Management of degenerative arthritis – arthroscopic and joint replacement
    • Management of instability


    • Arthroscopic and joint replacement surgery for instability, meniscal tears and degenerative conditions
    • Cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction
    • Meniscal repair


    • Arthroscopic and reconstruction type procedures

1. “Dorsal Plate in the Joints of the Toes, Patella or Meniscus?”
Weber A.B., Eizenberg N., and Slattery P.G.
Clinical Anatomy 7(5), 263-6, 1994.

2. “Compartment Syndrome after Squash – a Case Report”
Weber A.B., and Churchill J.O.
Aust. N.Z. J. Surg. 66(11), 771-2, 1996.

3. “High Tibial Osteotomies – a Nine Year Evaluation and Literature Review”.
Weber A.B., and Haw C.S.
Andrew presented to the July 1993 Victorian Branch meeting of the Australian
Orthopaedic Association.

4. “Proximal Humeral Replacement. Palliation of Metastatic Disease.”
Lyons, F., and Weber, A.B.
Andrew presented to the August 1994 Victorian Branch meeting of the AOA.
Poster for St. Vincent’s Hospital Research Week.

5. “The Thickness of Tibial Inserts in Total Knee Arthroplasty”
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Andrew presented to the September 1995 meeting of the Victorian Branch meeting of the AOA and the Australian Orthopaedic Registrar’s Conference in Fremantle, August 1995.

6. “The Classification and Investigation of Physeal Injuries”
Weber, A.B. and Graham, H.K.
Presented to the Australian Orthopaedic Registrar’s Conference in Glenelg, SA, Aug. 1996.

7. “The Radiological Equivalent of the Sulcus Sign”
Weber, A.B. and Graham, H.K.
Andrew presented to the Australian Orthopaedic Registrar’s Conference in Melbourne, Aug. 1997.

8. “Arthroscopic Sub-acromial Surgery in Inflammatory Arthropathy”
Weber, A.B., and Bell, S.N.
Rheumatology 40, 384-6, 2001.
Poster for the International Shoulder Meeting, Sydney, October, 1998.
Presented to the 58th Australian Orthopaedic Association Conference by Mr. Simon Bell in October 1998, and by Andrew at the “Recent Advances in Shoulder Arthroplasty” Meeting Wrightington, March, 1999 and Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia Meeting in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland in Sept. 2002.

9. “Periprosthetic Humeral Fractures: Management and Classification”
Worland, R.L., and Weber, A.B.
Poster for the International Shoulder Meeting, Sydney, October, 1998.

10. Bi-Polar Arthroplasty for Rotator Cuff Arthropathy
Worland, R.L., Weber, A.B. and Kim, D.Y.
Scientific Exhibit for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Meeting,
Anaheim, California, February, 1999.
Andrew presented at “Recent Advances in Shoulder Arthroplasty” Meeting in Wrightington, March, 1999.

11. The consequences of lateral release in total knee replacement: a review of over 1000 knees with a follow up between 5 and 11 years.
Weber AB, Worland RL, Jessup DE, Bowen JV and Keenan J.
Knee 2003 June 10(2), 197-91.
Andrew presented to Wrightington Hip Meeting, June 1999 and AOA Hobart, 2001. Presented at Insall-Scott-Kelly Meeting, New York, Sept. 1999 by Dr. Rick Worland. Poster for American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons meeting, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 1999

12. A study of Polyethylene and Modularity Issues in over 1000 posterior cruciate retaining knees at 5-11 years.
Weber AB, Worland RL, Keenan J, and Bowen JV.
J. Arthroplasty. 2002 17(8), 987-91.
Presented at American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons meeting, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 1999 by Dr. Rick Worland, and by Andrew to AOA ASM in Hobart, 2001.

13. The Herbert Ulna Head Implant as a Salvage Procedure for the Problematic Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint
Weber, A.B., Lovell, M.E., Redfern, D. and Stanley, J.K.
Presented by Prof. John Stanley to Anglo-Dutch Hand Meeting, Amsterdam, June 1999.
Andrew presented at opening of Wrightington Upper Limb Unit and
Victorian AOA branch meeting, Nov. 2001.

14. Surgical Management Options of Rotator Cuff Disease.
A presentation given to the Victorian/ Tasmanian Orthopaedic Registrar Bone School, July 2002.

15. Clinical Anatomy of the Shoulder. Lecture to Post Graduate Physiotherapy Program – Monash University, Clayton, 2nd September 2008

16. Orthopaedic Surgery Rehabilitation. Lecture to Undergraduate Physiotherapist Course. Monash University, Frankston, March 2009.

17. Shoulder Fracture Symposium. A presentation given to the Victorian/ Tasmanian Orthopaedic Registrar Bone School, December 2010.

18. Rotator Cuff Repair Symposium/ Debate. Victorian/ Tasmanian Orthopaedic Registrar Bone School, Lorne, February 2011.

19. Soft Tissue Balancing in Shoulder Arthroplasty – Invited Presentation to Victorian Shoulder and Elbow Society Dinner, 31st August 2012.

20. Arthroscopic Cuff Repair – How I do it and why? Invited Lecturer – Instructional Course Lecture. Combined AOA/ NZOA Meeting Rotorua, October 2012.

21. Risk factors in idiopathic adhesive capsulitis: a case control study
Kemble Wang, K., Ho, V., Hunter-Smith, D.J., Beh, P.S., Smith, K.S., Weber, AB.
Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery 2013:22, c24-29

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